The Trunk

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Photo by Weber VanHeber from FreeImages This was Kevin O’Leary’s night. Calculated to precision, today was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. His one chance. After he had arrived at the tree stand in the wee hours of the morning and concealed his motorbike under a large willow, he climbed the ladder and saw the glade below him glistening with tiny lights. A … Read More

Blind Terror

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We were enveloped in blackness as soon as the door closed behind us. My heart pounded. We were trapped. I couldn’t see my hand in front of my face. Why had I let her enter first?  “Marcy!” It was too dark to see.  “Marcy, answer me!” “Over here, Mama!” Her little voice came from faintly in front of me. My … Read More

Jenny’s Bag

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He couldn’t believe his eyes.  How was it possible? His beautiful Jenny. Barbara must never find out.  He peered again then quickly closed the gym bag. Oh why had he ever opened it up? It was Pandora’s box now;  he’d never be able forget what was in it. Where should he put it? Should he even touch it? “Lewis, did … Read More

Night Terrors

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Guest Writer The clock showed 3:09.  He looked again and realized it was 3:09 AM. He had never been out at that time. Then he realized he wasn’t home and didn’t know where he was. He looked at himself! He seemed to be the same except the Shoes. Everything else was the same except the shoes-they were way too large. He realized … Read More

Rapid Fire

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“We have a critical task before us.” Mr. Browning looked at the two men and the woman sitting around the table, strangers all, before he spoke again. “It must be someone we can all agree on. The decision must be unanimous.” They shifted. The woman and one of the men looked at each other. The other man placed his head … Read More

Tint and Lift

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Write a dialogue between two people who know each other, on opposite sides of an issue or problem. From What If? Writing Exercises for Fiction Writers by Anne Bernays and Pamela Painter, 1990, pp. 82-83. “I don’t see why we need to carry backpacks, Aubrey. We can have porters carry our bags wherever we go, and I personally don’t want … Read More

Never Sunshine

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Outside the window, you see something you can’t believe – 15 minute freewrite prompt You look out the window and can’t believe your eyes. Is it really happening? The sun? The sun is shining? You want to burst out the door and throw yourself into the sun’s rays until you remember that the temperature is still cold. But what a … Read More


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Eleanor was a tiny woman – tiny in stature but not mind or emotion. Born at the turn of the 19th century in Chicago with so much promise, she now found herself stuck in sewing circles and ladies groups as she approached spinsterhood. She longed for a world in which a woman was not defined by her gender, but by … Read More

You Forgot One Thing

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Write a short story in epistolary form Dear Mr. Noodle, I hope this letter finds you well.  Mom says that you are now on a farm.  She says that your old bones needed to move away from the city and that a lot of dogs go to farms to retire. But I am angry.  I’m not sure why you left … Read More


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15 minute free write using this photo and the word “stew.”* She’d been hitting the sauce quite a bit recently.  Such a cute phrase for an unmanageable addiction to her beverage of choice – vodka.  It wasn’t that she loved vodka all that much. But she loved getting sauced, and she loved the fact that vodka mixed with almost anything. … Read More