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Welcome to my website, and thank you for visiting! Here you will find several different areas of my writing to explore and enjoy:

  • Musings: thoughts, experiences and memories intertwined and included as the musings of daily life.
  • Shorts: timed free writes based on prompts, usually funny, sometimes silly, and always off the top of my head.
  • Works in Progress: updates on larger writings - my novel, personal essays for journal submissions, and miscellaneous pieces on which I am working.
  • Childish Moments: stories for kids, or excerpts of stories for the younger crowd.
Lonely dog walking

King, a scarred mixed-breed dog with five different names under his collar, would never claim to be man’s best friend. His ‘mans haven’t all been friendly, and so far life’s been dominated by hunger, hurt, and homelessness. King’s created laws for survival, like the essential Law #1: See Food, Eat Food. And when he’s saved from a desperate situation by Rose, a fellow hound with teardrop ears and a bark like gravy, he sticks by her side and decides to give up on ‘mans. But a dog’s life is not his own, and when he and Rose are violently separated, King vows to find her, even if it means leaving the kind, patient ‘man who’s just entered his life.